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Long-term partnerships, encourage and ongoing education for our employees ensures you flexible, high-quality and just-in-time projects.

Our planning tools

PDMS, E3D, Inventor, AutoCAD, Plant 3D and Rohr2

Four Sectors

The success of a (re-)construction is in the detail. That’s why we have signed up to detail engineering. The customer dictates the process and idea, we realize those and deliver:

  • Plant layout
  • Civil Guide drawings
  • Foundation drawing incl. loads
  • Fluids
  • Steel Structure (Outline drawings incl. loads and/or manufacturing drawings)
  • Isometrics
  • Material Take Off
  • Manufacturing drawings
With modern planning tools and especially trained employees we will plan your industrial plant. Flexibility and long-term experience in engineering - we guarantee to be your best partner.

Plant design includes following industrial sectors:

  • Pulp- and Paper Industry
  • Steel industry
  • Power stations
  • Power, environmental and fluids engineering
  • Water treatment plants
We are happy to attend the constructing of plants planned by us. If you need help on your site, we are pleased to send a member of our team. He/she helps the customer and the assembler with the 3D model and reacts on further questions and possible changes during erection.

As a SCP and SGU certified company we just send out staff with experience and high qualification to ensure:

  • success,
  • quality and
  • economic viability.
Our specialty is piping ‑ a discipline which requires a lot of know-how, we achieved in numerous projects and ongoing employee training. We attach importance to precise pipe routing, based on your schemata, primary and secondary supports, isometrics.

3D planning induces the following advantages:

  • 3D provides really good documentation with a high information content for planning and testing
  • Clashes, collisions and list errors could be avoided
  • Throughout the planning process the customer has the possibility to virtual observe the model

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